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5. All About GoGuardian

Parents, because we use GoGuardian software with our Chromebooks, we hope the following information will be helpful in clarifying its purpose and function in our classes.

Frequently asked questions

Taken directly from GoGuardian's website:

We understand that there are a host of technologies that schools may use to educate your children, and that you may have privacy questions about those technologies. Our obligation to protect student data is the foundation of our privacy philosophy. We have built our company to help provide a safer digital learning environments for school communities. We are committed to protecting your child’s information, while also helping keep them safer online.

We have answered some of the most common questions that we receive from parents. We invite you to reach out to your child’s teacher, principal, technology director, or other school leader with questions and feedback about our products and policies at any time.


Why does my child’s school use GoGuardian?

GoGuardian’s software help students focus on educational resources online, helps empower teachers to incorporate computers into their lesson plans, and helps school leaders keep tabs on their devices and other technology. GoGuardian is pivotal in supporting schools in the 21st Century. Additionally, many schools are required to have a program in place to help filter out harmful images, as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and some state laws. See The National Council of State Legislatures, Laws Relating to Filtering, Blocking and Usage Policies in Schools and Libraries. GoGuardian Admin™ provides schools with tools to comply with CIPA as well as tools to help their students stay focused on online resources that schools find educational and/or appropriate.


What type of personal information does GoGuardian collect from my child?

Any information collected by GoGuardian that pertains to your child is done on behalf of the school and based on the products that your child’s school uses. For example, GoGuardian may collect for your child’s school include their name, email address, browsing history, and IP addresses. For a more thorough explanation of the data we collect, please visit the “Personal Student Information” section of our Privacy Policy. It is also important to note that your child’s individual school owns and controls Personal Student Information that GoGuardian accesses and collects and can be deleted at any time upon request or after the account closure.


Does GoGuardian ever sell the data collected on my child?

No. We never have and we never will. GoGuardian does not sell, rent, or trade any Personal Student Information. GoGuardian is not in the business of selling information to generate revenue; our business model is based on creating effective, helpful software solutions to schools. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.


What is GoGuardian doing to intervene if my child engages in conduct that might put them at risk?

School leaders can use GoGuardian Admin to help them identify situations in which students may be at risk and provide needed intervention or support.. Since each school determines its own response protocols, we encourage you to reach out to your school administrators to learn more about how they specifically use our products.


What is GoGuardian?

GoGuardian® is an educational company with software that helps schools protect their students online, allows teachers to manage classroom time and resources better, and makes device management and deployment easier for school administrators. Please contact your child’s school leadership team if you want to know which software that your school has selected.


When does GoGuardian operate on my child’s device or account?

Utilizing its expertise with students and education, your child’s school determines when and where GoGuardian is active. If you have questions about the GoGuardian settings that your child’s school utilizes, please contact an administrator or other school leader at your child’s school. We are happy to help support your school with information needed to answer any of your questions.


What is GoGuardian doing to protect my child’s privacy?

We are invested in the privacy and security of your child’s information. As such, we have implemented various technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect information. This includes data minimization efforts, safeguards on who can access company data, and specific training to all of the personnel authorized to access Personal Student Information and all other information that might identify your child.


How does my child know the requirements of using Google Chromebooks?

We encourage schools to implement a Technology Use Policy or Acceptable Use Policy, as well as to provide specific information about the use of GoGuardian directly to parents, guardians, and students. Please contact your school to see what steps they have taken to inform your child of technology use requirements.


How do I request the modification or deletion of my child’s Personal Student Information*?

We honor requests to delete the Personal Student Information made by parents, guardians, and eligible students (student over eighteen-years-old). However, because your child’s school has both a direct relationship with GoGuardian and a direct relationship with you as a parent, guardian, or eligible student, we ask that you submit your request to the appropriate school leader. The school leader can then be in contact with GoGuardian and we can collaborate to carry out your request.